About Us

Twilight & Lemongrass was founded in 2017 by Franceska Lynne and Warren Gang.  Both Atlanta natives, Franceska and Warren were best friends in high school and at the beginning of college but lost touch for many years. After re-connecting on social media in 2014, they got married in July of 2015 in Blue Ridge, GA. Their wedding colors were twilight blue and lemongrass green.

After entering the first annual ATL Vegan MacDown in 2016, where they created a vegan mac & cheez recipe for the event, they decided to give it a try professionally. A vegan for 30 years, Franceska has created and modified dozens of recipes, mostly veganized versions of the Southern comfort foods she loved as a child. Her mother, aunts, and grandmothers (from West Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, and Alabama), are spectacular cooks, and are the inspiration behind many of her dishes.

Franceska and Warren also have a nonprofit organization, the Plant Fund, and a portion of all profits from Twilight & Lemongrass go to this charity. For more information, please visit www.plantfund.org or @plantfund on Facebook.